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Who is Jubilee Collective?

  • Jubilee Collective a community organized around the idea that maybe Jesus is anti-racist and loves queer, trans, two spirited people too.
  • Jubilee (Hebrew: יובל‎ yōḇel;) is the year at the end of seven cycles of shmita (Sabbatical years) slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven, and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest. (Leviticus 25)
  • Collective is a cooperative community in which the members have whole ownership of the fruits of their shared love and labor.
Jubilee Collective believes the church needs to move beyond welcome and start to practice radical affirmation.

We not only affirm the sacredness of LGBTQIA+, two-spirited, and other oppressed peoples who have historically been hurt by the church, we center their voice and lived experiences whenever possible and welcome their leadership.

This is rooted in our commitment to dismantle oppression in “the church” or faith spaces.

BIPOC peoples may know this is a space committed to the work of God’s salvation called collective liberation by peoples the world over. 

This commitment means we are an anti-racist space.

We are not a safe space.

We are a liberating one full of people who are going to screw up.

We gather as a collective to try to be Christians Jesus would actually want to hang out with.

You are absolutely welcome to join us. It’s ok if you don’t theologically agree with us.

That’s not a requirement but moving together in love is something we will all learn and grow into together.

We so desperately need each other in this world, our sincere hope is by being in community with us you will know the Kin-dom of God has come near.
The Rev. Lenny Duncan he/him + is a follower of Jesus Christ and is in a passionate love affair with grace. Lenny spent most of his teens homeless after leaving home at age 13. He has spent time in all 48 contiguous states, sleeping by the side of the highway or in penthouses along the way. He has been a prisoner of war in the so-called war on drugs. After systemic oppression or drugs didn't kill him, Lenny found himself in a strange place: the church.

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